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A web tools site that also shows the code/formulas behind the tools. View it →

4K Papers

I created this site to learn more about MVC. It's a wallpaper site with many options to filter the wallpapers by category, color, popularity etc.

The frontend was coded from scratch and the backend using Codeigniter. You don't need to sign in or do any of that nonsense to use the site, just click away. View it →

jQuery lightbox

A barebones jQuery lightbox plugin, it's responsive, has a couple of options and a really small footprint. View it →


Passpond is a simple tool that will generate many passwords from one single "master password". You simply enter the same details every time and receive different passwords depending upon which website it is for.

This project taught me more about advanced CSS Selectors, javascript and responsive design. View it →

Ag Bug

A simple responsive blog template.. View it →